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Daily Effective Faith Quotes

Don’t miss your destiny by lack of godly wisdom and lack of faith actions. What God put in you is worth fighting for, worth being uncomfortable about, worth having to stretch, to stay awake in middle of some nights, to get up early, to do what others aren’t willing to do. Have a warrior mentality, not a weak mentality. You have to be more determined than all opposition, lack, past failures and fear. These are part of strong oppositions. If you give up every time things don’t go your way, you just gave your oppositions great advantage in God's presence and it's just a sign you don't treasure your divine purpose so much. If you use everything in you fight for your divine purpose, God will elevate you to position of excellency, beyond the understanding of men. Arise, fight back and keep fighting. Victory will bring out your excellency, in Jesus name... Amen
Pastor James Chimezie Edeh
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